Adzonal is a leading multinational corporation in the digital marketing industry. We are Dedicated to the optimization of revenue for both our advertisers and our publishers, maximizing their ROI.

We provides the widest range of solutions in digital marketing to companies that want to expand their business and gain relevance in an increasingly competitive market. Here, we always believe that good quality service, trust and long-term business relationships are the keys to our success. Hence, as part of a worldwide network, we are committed to the growth and success of our clients through online advertising to deploy effective online marketing campaigns for valuable brands in all over the world. We are Your Partner for Online Acquisition.

Adzonal has a well-earned reputation across the industry for smart, proactive client service. It’s a combination of hiring great people, implementing strong processes and also emphasizing a culture of customer-service. When things to be settled instantly, you can expect to reach someone who knows your account, knows your business, and is there to help 24/7.


We carefully hand pick the top-converting international campaigns, and combine them with years of experience in media management, optimizing technologies and adding to the mix our industry-leading tracking and reporting system to boost publisher earnings. Monetize your traffic with content targeted advertisers

Cutting edge optimization technologies and optimization tools to increase traffic performance. Maximize performance and CTR with high impact ads.

Fast Payouts


With our technology & multiple targeting tools you will be able to select specific options and generate the best ROI for your campaigns.

High Quality Campaigns

Advanced Compliance Tools and Analytics

Dedicated Client Services and Operations

Continuous Optimization to Achieve ROI